Contentment Friday

My life has officially changed because of THIS BLOG POST!!!

I have never really cared for the idea of Black Friday shopping! I don’t do very well in big crowds as it is, I like my bubble to remain my bubble, so the thought of braving THOUSANDS of people in a single store scares me. Not to mention we just celebrated Thanksgiving, a day where we count our blessings, gather as a family and are reminded of the things in life that matter, then BAM we are rushing to the stores to buy more more more the very next day. What’s worse is that now it’s not even the next day, it’s only a few hours later! I personally do not comprehend that. So I stay away. I’ll admit, that I did venture out ONE time on Black Friday. I did not have a family then and my brother begged me to go with him, so I did, and regretted it the moment I saw the parking lot! It was the WORST experience for me.


One of my favorite memes about Black Friday!


So I have stayed away from doing my Christmas shopping on that day. Sure I would LOVE to get my gifts at INSANELY low prices, but I’m just not willing to sacrifice my sanity to do so! It’s just not worth it to me. Then today I read a blog post about “Contentment Friday” and my world has literally changed! This really got me thinking about my shop and what Black Friday will mean for Auntie B’s. This is not something I had considered before because, frankly, the topic hasn’t come up since starting this journey!

Auntie B’s Baby Boutique will not participate in Black Friday. I will not host a sale that weekend. Heck I won’t even be “OPEN” for business. I realize that this is a little unorthodox, but I have felt strongly compelled to make this a shop and company policy. I also realize that this may very well cost me sales and I accept that consequence. I have to agree with Stephanie Tait, the reason that Black Friday has become so crazy, at least in part, is that the consumer has requested it. It’s certainly not a verbal request but based more in our actions. When we camp outside of stores for days, that tells the store – open sooner. When we rush through Thanksgiving dinner to get that prime parking spot, we tell the mall – you should be open because I’m here to spend my money.

I do not participate in Black Friday on a personal level and love the idea of making it an all new holiday of its own with family traditions, treats and memories. I will be celebrating Contentment Friday next year for sure! If we the consumer make it harder for stores to be open on that day, then they won’t be. I have decided to make it an easier choice and remain closed on Contentment Friday. I will offer sales and discounts for the holidays in order to remain competitive in the market, but they will not come of that day!

Gratitude in our hearts is not about the number of THINGS we have. It’s not the latest and greatest gadget or the newest fashion trends hanging in our closets. It’s an attitude that is cultivated all year long, in good times, and bad. It’s not only gratitude for the good things, but also the hard times. If you made it through and learned something from the experience, then that should be celebrated too. I encourage you all to cultivate and attitude of gratitude and join me next year for Contentment Friday!!!

May the remainder of your holiday season be filled with joy and contentment!

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