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Yesterday I watched THIS video of a city transit bus driver talking a woman out of jumping off a bridge over a busy freeway. It was amazing to see him step out of himself and help someone in need. As I contemplated that video showing up on my Facebook wall, I began to realize that it had been quite some time since I had seen something so positive and uplifting. I went back through my feed and it was post after post of hateful, bigoted, irrational, negative junk! How did my life become so negative? Like most advertisements on the internet, it’s all about the cookies that track what you click on and where you go. You’ve been there before so you MUST want to see more of it right?!?!? I have done this to myself without even realizing what I was doing!



The prophet Nephi said “Adam fell that men might be; and men are that they might have joy.”  (2 Nephi 2:25)

The whole purpose of our life is to have JOY!!! I believe in a God that loves us, cares for us and truly wants the best for us – just like any parent would want for their children, just infinitely more! He created us to be HAPPY. We are created to live this life in a way that not only brings us joy here, but also in the eternities. Everlasting happiness – that sounds AMAZING!

This world has become increasingly more negative. Thanks to technology we have instant access to things happening all over the world – unfortunately a good portion of that is negative! I refuse to list specifics here, but we all know what they are – I’m sure you can list five things right now without batting an eye! While we do have access to those good things, they seem, to me at least, to be dwarfed by things that aren’t so positive! Well, as the amazing Martin Luther King Jr. said – I have decided to stick with love. Love is the cure for hatred. It can repair broken lives, homes and relationships. Love is balm that soothes and repairs wounded hearts. Love heals.

10612914_10152423538647051_5942869770014817652_nSince I came to this realization that my life has become quite negative, I decided to make it a public announcement. I have declared this change on my Facebook wall and now here to you! For the remainder of the year I am focusing on the positive, the good things that make me happy. In my social media platforms I will not click, like, post or share anything that has a negative vibe or that I feel is negative – ONLY POSITIVE POSTS. It is my challenge to you to find the joy! This world has issues, and a lot of them, but none of them can be solved by hatred and negativity. Find the love and positive in your life – then share it! I dare you!!!

#SpreadLove #ShowLove


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