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I hadn’t given much thought to custom orders when I started this endeavor. Of course it must have been in the back of my mind because the official shop name is Auntie B’s Baby Boutique: Newborn and Infant Photography Props & Gifts. That “and Gifts” part had to be a subconscious realization that I would need to do some custom work.

I was quite excited when I received a request for an infant cardigan in burgundy for family photos. Not only did this come in as a custom order, but a referral as well, I was totally stoked for that one! I had a few patterns of cardigans in stock so once one was decided upon I set to work I didn’t really have much time – she needed it by mid December for her photo shoot. I received the order just before Thanksgiving. I was a knitting mad woman! It turned out BEAUTIFULLY!

2014-12-01 19.37.17-2

2014-12-01 19.35.24-2

Around this same time I had TWO other requests come in. One for a brimmed newborn hat with button accents. The other for a darling newborn Santa Hat. Both were super fun to make. They came together quite nicely, If I do say so myself!


2014-12-10 20.04.13The brimmed hat has these great shaping ridges that give it more structure and definition. It was a fun new technique to learn for sure – a simple Double Crochet around the post of the previous row, as opposed to the stitch itself. The pattern for the band was too narrow for my taste, so I added an additional row to make it a little thinker. I think it turned out nicely! I adored this Santa hat. I chose some “fuzzy” yarn (you can kind of see it on the edges of the white brim) to make it stand out more. It was super soft yarn and came together quite nicely. You can find the pattern for the brimmed hat (by Sweet Potato 3 Patterns) HERE and the the Santa hat (by Jessica Miller)  HERE.

I look forward to make and creating new and wonderful custom orders. So what can I make for you or that expectant mom? I’m itching for a new project!!!



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