New Year – Business Goals

It’s official – 2014 is done and over. We are on to 2015! I’m sure you’ve read tons of posts about the same thing, I know I have. But the truth of the matter is – it IS! New Year’s is a time for change and a time for new beginning and Auntie B’s Baby Boutique is no different!!!

2015-01-01 13.46.59

I have been thinking long and hard about where I want to take Auntie B’s over the next year. I started the business SEVEN months ago. I can not believe how quickly this time has FLOWN by and I really haven’t made much progress in my business goals. Yes, I have a website. Yes, I have a blog. Yes, I have an ETSY shop. Are they at the level I want them at? No. Not even close, but it’s definitely a work in progress.

This year I needed to get a notebook so I can have a place to write EVERYTHING down and stay organized! Of course the crafter in me could NOT let it be just a notebook – I had to make it MINE! I added some tabs (cut from extra thank you cards) so I could keep my thoughts a little organized!

2014-12-30 22.32.01

Look at my cute little bee!!!

2014-12-30 21.30.15

I love these pens – they are the BEST!












I love this notebook, not because I loved the birds or even the colors (even though they are cute), but because the cover spoke truth to me. This year I am putting my trust in the Lord when it comes to my business (when it comes to everything really). He gave me the talents that allow me to even HAVE this business and it’s through Him that it will be successful.

So I have three sections in my notebook: Goals, Blog and Products. They are pretty self explanatory. Blog posts and ideas in that section and new product ideas and plans in that section. My goals and plan to meet those goals is in the goal sections. I have SEVERAL business goals that I needed to break them down into categories: Website/Blog, Etsy Shop,  Social Media, Marketing/Branding, and Miscellaneous.

I’m sure all of you are curious about what some of my goals are for this year.  I believe that goals, in order to be a goal must be 1) written down (check) and 2) shared-so you are held accountable by those you share it with. So I want to be accountable to you – so keep me in check. I will also be posting regular posts about my goals and how they are coming along. I haven’t decided yet if they will be monthly or quarterly yet though.

Ok – drum roll please! My business goals ARE!

Website/Blog: Well as you can see by my home page, my website is currently under construction. I have to be honest with myself, it wasn’t very good. That is why I’m working to make it better! I have added pages and will be revamping the whole thing! I’m enjoying this process and even though I want to do it all in one night – I know I can’t. This will take a couple of weeks I’m sure. My goal is to have it complete by the end of January. As for my blog, I am am setting a goal to post at least once per week – 52 posts this year. I am working to find fun, relevant and interesting material to write about. I want to be a better writer and have people drawn to my blog because of it!

Etsy Shop: Man my Etsy shop needs work and some serious TLC! I have several things that I want to do here. First and foremost – I need to get my products in there! I can hardly sell anything if it’s not in there to sell right! I also want to learn to take better product image so that they look pleasing in my store! This will take practice I know, but it’s worth working on! I plan to have this complete by the end of February.

Social Media: Let’s be honest, social media is a big part of running a successful business now days. While I mostly use Instagram (and love it) my Facebook page is not as active or attracting many new followers. I need to grow my social media presence by formulating a posting and hash tag strategy. I am always posting to Instagram but need to work on my other social media platforms to engage people there as well. This will be an on going endeavor but I would like to have a strategy in place by mid February.

Marketing/Branding: I love my branding, I just need to put it to better use. I need to develop better marketing strategy and so my number one goal here is to read John Jantsch book “Duct Tape Selling: think like a marketer – sell like a superstar” Not only do I want to read this book, but implement the strategies he discusses. I plan to have this book read by the end of February.

Miscellaneous: These are my goals that don’t really fit into any of the above categories. So here goes. I want to learn to write my own knit and crochet patterns. Not only for my own use, but to sell in my store. I see all of these cute patters and think “I can do that” and so – I will. By the end of June I will have taken steps to learn and create my own patterns.

2015-01-01 01.18.04

There you have it! My business goals for 2015. It’s going to be an amazing year! Wishing you a happy, blessed and prosperous new year!


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  2. Angela

    Yay! So inspiring to get my butt in gear! I need to start making my (very sad and neglected) blog more of a priority, among a million other things. Thanks for sharing! And now I am heading over to Nancy’s space to read all about accountabilibuddies. I want in!

  3. Nancy

    Brandy girl, What a great post! Did you read my post on “accountabilibuddies”? If not, do, and let me know what you think! We are so the sa m e when it comes to planners, gotta be cute! You are on the right track, Brandy, and I think you are going to crush it in 2015! Holler if there is ever anything I can help you with! ♡


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