Better Product Images

This week I have been really focusing on getting better product images for my website and ETSY shop. I do not fancy myself a photographer but as a small business owner there is most definitely a need for product images. I am happy to work with photographers for great images but that’s not always feasible. So the need for me to learn at least the basics of photography is imperative. This week I took several steps toward being a better photographer. As you saw last week I made my very own light box from some white foam board and clips, but this week I needed to practice. I also decided to get better at editing my images. Lets face it, sometimes, they need it! So, thanks to my bestie who IS a photographer, she directed me to where you can do the basics of photo editing absolutely free. I realize that I don’t NEED Photoshop, even though it would be really cool to learn. I just need something to help me brighten my images.

Step two of my journey was to check Creative Live to watch Candice Stringham’s course on craft photography. I actually purchased this course so I can go back and watch it whenever I wanted because I wasn’t able to watch the whole thing that day. I love Creative Live and their resources for creatives. Since then I have have been practicing with my current projects. I know that I still need to work on getting the lighting and colors right. These were shot in front of my living room window. They aren’t perfect but at this point, they are better than what I was doing so I’m counting it as a win!

2015-12-22 16.46.10     2015-12-22 17.15.29

So there you have it. My journey to better product images is set. Now to finish watching Creative Live.





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