Hello 2016

I cannot believe that we are in the last days of 2015. This year has ZOOMED by. So much has happened this year. I have experienced much loss and change this year. Many trials! BUT many many more blessings too. Like most of you, I look back over the year and wonder how it went by so fast. Back in June it seemed to be going so slowly, yet here we are one day away from a new year.


A couple of years ago I started a memory jar. I would write down the fun activities I did with my family, the blessings all the moments that come between. Then on New Year’s Eve, we open up the jar and read them all, and reminisce about the year. Last year I decided I wanted to try to write at least one good thing that happened every day during 2015. I made it to March until the stress and devastation took over and I fell out of the habit. Like I said, it was a particularly difficult year. A few days ago I felt impressed to keep the tradition, so I spent an ENTIRE DAY combing through my Facebook and Instagram feeds to find things that I could write down and put in the jar. Day by day and note by note, I was able to update the past nine months. It won’t be a post every day but I think that is irrelevant. It’s about the memories.

I’m a super visual person so a regular, plain jar was not working for me. I took an empty spaghetti sauce jar (cleaned of course) and decorated the heck out if it with some stickers and scrapbook paper. Modge Podge was my best friend! The parts that weren’t covered with paper or stickers, I simply applied a few coats of a coordinating nail polish color. Isn’t she beautiful? I am so looking forward to reading these notes with my son tomorrow night. I even included some of the painful memories, to remind us that God is in control and we were still blessed BECAUSE of that trial. It is through trials that we are strengthened and refined. We are molded into the person that we are destined to become. Yes, those painful memories are definitely included.

pL7gFPeoPjkK-whxP6JmFAFAElWk0wpP2n2QE4CJV2o2016 is BOUND to be a much better year for me. I can just feel it! I will continue my memory jar tradition next year as well. Counting blessings all along the way! I hope you count the blessing somehow too! May many wonderful and memorable things happen for you in 2016! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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