I’m a SOMEBODY! Are you a somebody too?


We are all somebody – I am a wife,  a mother of one awesome kid, a student, a blogger, and owner of Auntie Brandy’s Baby Boutique.

I’m not your “normal” kind of girl – if there is such a thing! I joined the Marines right after high school and served for about 9 years both active duty and reserves. I have always been a crafter though, mostly crochet and knit. Can you imagine combat boots with knitting needles – ha that’s a  great visual!

I LOVE children. I had always imagined I would have at least four of my own munchkins running around. Nature had other plans! I am so blessed to have my one rug rat, and I LOVE him with all my being. The yearning for more babies hasn’t ever gone away, subdued yes, but not gone, so I have adopted many of my friend’s babies as my nieces and nephews – and this is how Auntie B’s Baby Boutique was born!

Auntie B’s is a handcrafted boutique for newborn and infant photography props! I love seeing babies in bonnets and hats or wrapped in a blanket. That’s what I do – create those hats, bonnets and blankets. I want to spread joy through photographers vision. That’s not all though – if you have a new baby in your life (whether yours or relative) I create custom pieces that are perfect for baby shower gifts.  I find my work classic and soft while using mostly neutral colors! I love what I do – melding two loves – babies and crafting – PRICELESS!