* How do I order?

Unfortunately I have not yet set up my website to take orders directly! It’s in the works for sure. To order you can visit my contact page and let me know what you’d like with payment though Paypal.com. Or visit my ETSY shop for direct ordering!


* Do you take custom orders or make special requests?

YES!!! I love making that PERFECT item just for you or that new baby in your life. Part of my official business name is “AND GIFTS”. If you don’t see anything that you like in my product line, please visit my contact page and send me a request for that custom order. Your satisfaction is my goal so please be detailed in your request with the type of product you’d like with desired color(s) and any other details you feel are pertinent! Images are always helpful if possible!


* Do you offer product discounts to photographers in exchange for use edited photographs for marketing?

Absolutely! In order to protect my business, I ask that full price be paid up front. Once images are received I will issue a refund up to 30% of the original sale price. The percentage is based on the order size and the number of images received. The rate of refund will be negotiated at the time of purchase so you know up front. Refund is issues AFTER watermarked images are received. As an added bonus, I will do a photographer spotlight blog post – so you get some FREE marketing!


* Do you offer products made with Organic materials?

Unfortunately not at this time, but I am looking to start a line of products made with organic materials. Stay tuned for the announcement of organic items!