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Bonnets & Hats

I love bonnets! They are so timeless and classic. These are by far my most favorite item to make for babies! I uses soft yarn in classic, muted tones. While I love neutrals, and work mostly withing these shades, I do offer these items in any color upon request.

Stuffed Animals

Bear and Rabbit are so much fun to make! I love that they are small! The idea is to show how much baby grows, but using the same animal in a series of photographs over the first year of baby’s life! These are definitely a close (VERY CLOSE) second favorite item to make!

Wraps, Blankets & Pods

Wraps and blankets keep baby warm during the photo shoot as well as offer a textured element to photographers! I am adding new swaddle sacks as well, which put baby in that familiar fetal position they are use to, which is a proven way to calm a fussy baby!!!

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*Subject to change without prior notice*