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New Year – Business Goals

Jan 1, 2015 | Posted by in Business, Etsy, Goals, Social Network | 0

It’s official – 2014 is done and over. We are on to 2015! I’m sure you’ve read tons of posts about the same thing, I know I have. But the truth of the matter is – it IS! New Year’s is a time for change and a time for new beginning and Auntie B’s Baby BoutiqueRead more …

Learning Business

Jun 10, 2014 | Posted by in Business, CreativeLive, Goals, Learning | 0

It is quite scary starting a business. I am currently seeking my degree in Business with a focus on Small Business Management from College of Southern Nevada. I have learned so much in the three semesters I have attended and I’m excited to learn more. Not all learning and education comes from a formal classroomRead more …